Sign Language Training

Sign Language Accommodation Training

The Sign Language Accommodation Training previously housed on a different website is now available on the Training and Proficiency site ( in the Sign Language Training tab. 

The Sign Language Training prepares interpreters to provide access to the Oregon Extended Assessments, where permitted by ODE's accommodations guidance. The training consists of three sections, designed to address interpretation concerns across all content areas and grade levels: English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science, on the Oregon Extended Assessment. PowerPoint handouts for the trainings are available in the Course Materials section of the Sign Language Training tab. 

After completion of the Sign Language Training, the ASL Proficiency test is available in the 'Proficiency' tab ( 

NOTE: ASL Interpreters are required to pass the Sign Language Accommodation training and proficiency, the Qualified Assessor (QA) training and proficiency, and the general administration security training. 

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