Curricular and Instructional Materials

Curricular and Instructional Resources 

Previously housed on a different website, the Curricular and Instructional resources are now available on the Training and Proficiency website ( in the C&I Resources tab.  

Behavioral Research & Teaching (BRT) has been working with Oregon teachers to develop curricular templates that are aligned to the Essentialized Standards (EsSt). The templates convey a lesson that is aligned to a specific EsSt. Each lesson is differentiated at four different levels of complexity in order to demonstrate how it could be adapted for SWSCD who are functioning at these different levels (very low, low, medium, and high).

The C&I Resources tab also contains sections for: Standards Overview, Essentialized Assessment Frameworks, Pre-Requisite Skills & Supports, PLAAFP Training Module, and IEP Training Module. 

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