iPad Administration

Critical Note: It is necessary to have a strong internet connection prior to download and administration of the test app. Data that is entered on the tablet is cached and uploaded to BRT secure servers each time a machine is securely connected to Wi-Fi. Should a student get logged out for any reason (e.g., an interruption in a secure internet connection), the assessor can re-log the student in or continue via the paper/pencil version. System Requirements are found on the main login screen (https://or.k12test.com/info/requirements), and in the Tablet App System Requirements document on the ‘Materials’ tab.

In the iOS App Store, access to the secure ORExt test application is found under the name “ORExt” and the non-secure practice test is found under the name “ORExt Practice Tests.”

To access the ORExt electronically, Autoplay will need to be enabled on all devices, it is required for the electronic test application. 

Note: Username and password are the same for the or.k12test.com training site.

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