Supporting Electronic Test Administration

Supporting Administration of the Assessment(s) to Your Student(s)

During the assessment, the QA must be available to monitor and assist the student as testing progresses. Students can be supported in any manner that does not compromise the item construct (i.e., full physical, partial physical, verbal/gestural, or independent). The 36 operational items are presented in order. Once the student’s response is recorded, which is done by either touching the correct answer, using a mouse to select the correct answer, or using assistive technology to identify the answer with/without teacher mediation, the subsequent item is presented. The + and – buttons on the top left of the screen will scale (zoom) the elements on the screen.

The tool bar at the top includes the item number for the current item, a clockwise refresh arrow button to refresh/repeat audio, a +/- button to either slow down or speed up the pace of the audio file, and an “Exit Test” button that allows the QA to exit the test. If a QA selects to exit the test, they must enter the exit PIN “2024” to complete the operation.

A test can be exited at any point and the student’s items will be saved. However, students will not be allowed to modify any answer choices for items previously answered after a test has been exited.

There is also a scroll on the left-hand column that conveys the students progress. The QA can move to any item in the assessment during an administration by scrolling through the item icons. Items that have been answered will be filled with a black dot. Items that have yet to be answered have an empty, white dot in the middle. Once the student has completed a test administration, either by meeting the minimum participation rule or by answering all 36 questions, the QA selects the check mark at the bottom of the left-hand item scroll (see red arrow above). The QA will then see a screen that provides a summary of the number of items the student has answered, a text box where the QA’s name should be entered (by the QA), and a big, red “Submit” button. It is critical that the scores are not submitted until the QA has verified that the student has responded to all items as expected.   

Item Administration

If the item was presented to the student, but the student did not respond, the assessor will need to select 'No Answer'. All items not presented and left blank will be coded as Not Administered and will not count toward minimum participation.


For example, you can see in the screen shot above, the student has 35 questions that have not been answered. Please make sure that students are done with testing before hitting the “Submit” button.

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