Credential Verification

User status always beings with Assessor-In-Training (AIT). Training and Proficiencies must be completed, and credentials verified to gain QA or QT access. 

Returning Qualified Trainers (QTs)

Accounts will be auto-verified after all training and proficiency is completed. Accounts will automatically be upgraded to Qualified Trainer (QT).

Returning and New Qualified Assessors (QAs)

Returning QAs will need to contact their Qualified Trainers to verify their credentials after all training and proficiencies have been completed. 

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Qualified Trainers - How to Verify Credentials

After your QA has completed all training and proficiency, you will need to verify their credentials before they will have QA access. Login to and go to the 'Admin' tab and select 'Users'. Select the account you would like to verify. Scroll down and check that the appropriate district and school are selected for this user. If additional schools are needed, you as the QT can add them here. If all information is correct, select the box to 'Verify Credentials' and click 'Save'.

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