Auto Play

Enabling Auto Play

To access the ORExt electronically, auto-play will need to be enabled on all devices, it is required for the electronic test application. The electronic version of ORExt is also available on Chrome and Safari, on all desktop/laptop platforms. 

Google Chrome:

1. Left Click the "Lock" Icon on the left side of the Address Bar. This will open a pane with quick access to certain site settings.

2. Click "Site Settings". This will open up a new tab containing all the settings for this site.

3. Set "Sound" to "Allow" and close the settings tab:

4. Back on the site, with the settings updated, click the reload button, or just use the refresh button.


1. Right Click on the URL bar and select "Settings for this Website":

2. For the Auto-Play menu, select "Allow All Auto-Play":

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