Missing Student on Roster

What to do if a student's name does not appear on your list to add to your roster:

  • Credential Verification: Ensure credentials are verified - without credential verification assessors will not have access to any students to roster.
  • SpEd Flag:  Check in the Student Information System to make sure the students ‘SpEd’ flag is set appropriately to ‘Y’. This is the root of most issues – specific column names might change from district to district, however the Special Education flag needs to be set to Yes to indicate the student has an IEP and is eligible for the ORExt. The ORExt system receives student demographic updates from ODE twice daily, at 9AM and 2PM.
  • District/School Assignments:Prospective students are matched and made available to users according to district and school ID numbers. It could be that the student is available in the rostering system, but the user’s district and school selections in the Training and Proficiency site don’t match the student’s “AttndDistInstID" and "AttndSchlInstID" fields. The user should verify these fields in their SIS and self-assign their district/school selections to match. 
    • QAs: If additional schools are needed, contact district QT
    • QTs: If additional districts/schools are needed, contact the helpdesk at: orextended@k12test.com
  • Student still missing from roster: The ORExt Helpdesk will need to look up students' registration information. Send the student's SSID to the helpdesk at: orextended@k12test.com
    • Some students are registered with their district code as their resident school. The helpdesk can locate this information using the students SSID and add appropriate information to assessor accounts. 
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