Paper/Pencil Data Entry

Once a roster is completed, paper/pencil data entry is available in 2 locations. On the Training and Proficiency Site, within ‘Student Details’ - ‘Monitoring’ and on the electronic/tablet app in the 'Data Entry' tab. Primary eligibility codes are required to gain access to data entry. 

Student Details - Monitoring

Assessors will select the student and subject area for data entry by clicking on blue ‘I’ link (indicating test incomplete). The start date and time, and end date and time are required. Data entry is completed by selecting the student's response of A, B, or C. Writing items are the only items scored by the administrator and will have 0/1 options for data entry. After all data is entered, click ‘Save Submission’ to complete the data entry process.

NOTE: After completion of assessment and data entry, all paper materials need to be securely disposed of (via shredding, etc.). 

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