Administration of ORora

The Oregon Observational Rating Assessment (ORora)

The ORora provides instructional and functional information for teachers and parents in four domains: access skills, attention, basic math concepts, and communication (expressive and receptive). It is administered to students with significant cognitive disabilities (SWSCDs) who are not able to access the academic demands of the Oregon Extended Assessment (ORExt), despite the provision of appropriate supports and test design features founded in the concepts of universal design for assessment. Teacher(s) with the most accurate knowledge of the student's current level of functioning should complete this rating scale.
Qualified Assessors (QAs) are to use the following decision rule in determining whether or not to complete the ORora:

If testing for an ORExt content area assessment is discontinued in English language arts, Mathematics, or Science, QAs must complete the ORora (only one ORora per student must be completed).

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