Practice Tests

Practice Tests are available for assessors and students to interact with test format prior to administration. Practice Test information can be found the main login page of the site in the ‘Practice Test’ link on the bottom left hand of the screen. Paper/Pencil tests are available for download. Electronic practice tests are available: (this link can also be found on the main login page in the ‘Practice Test’ section as well as downloadable ELA writing items). 

The practice tests should be used well in advance of the test window to determine whether students can access the electronic-based format of the ORExt. They should also be used to troubleshoot use of required assistive technology, augmentative/alternative communication devices, etc. In general, the tests can be used for QAs and students to familiarize themselves with the new electronic-based administration.

An exit PIN is required to exit the Practice Tests, which is always the year of testing (e.g., for testing year 2023-2024, testing begins January of 2024 so the exit PIN is 2024). 

Transcript of Video

Transcript of Video

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